Does it matter if the standard injections are labelled in a "Modified Overall" sample set layout?

I am running samples using the Modified Overall layout and batch processing results, so I inject a standard after every 8 samples but I don't quantify the samples until the end of the sample set so basically all the samples are set to Don't Process or Report and the standards set to Normal so the calibration curve is built before all the samples are quantified off this curve. I noticed Empower puts in automatic labels for these standards eg S0101 S0102 etc etc. Is this really necessary? There is only one curve being constructed and used to quantify all the samples, and this curve is built from samples injected as Standards and as a sample type of Standard so why would you need to tell Empower which standards to use?

The above is all assuming of course that I put in a Clear Calibration line before the first standard to wipe any entries from the previous curve before building the new curve. 


  • Auto-labeling the standards would have no impact on your analysis.  Whether you leave the defaults, delete them, change them to whatever you want (so long as you don't make them the same as the samples of course).  I generally label these injections consistently anyway for the purpose of reports (e.g. filtering a summary table to just include the stds for %RSD calcs and such), so you may want to keep/change for that reason.
  • Thanks MJS. I thought of another reason to want to label the standards when using this set up, and that's if you are running two different concentrations of standards to quantify samples ie 20 samples quantified off a low strength standard followed by Calibrate _S01* then another 20 samples quantified off a high strength standard so label the second set as S02.... and have the calibrate line as set to  a Label Ref of S02*. 
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