Output unit selection (absorbance mAU -> AU)

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ist it possible to convert my Output Absorbance (Y-value) from mAU (recieved from our PDA) tu AU. I think that we have, due to the fact that we have mAU, Problems concerning Peak purity.

Empower tells me, when created a PDA PM, that i have my Maximum Absorbance of 250 AU instead of mAU.




  • Hi,

    Have you looked for answers to your question in our Waters Knowledge Base? Lots of great information in there. You can even find KB articles by searching for them using a search engine like Google.

    Check out support.waters.com


    Justin Kelley
  • worth looking at for hplc and output option

    https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/service/Public/LC Hardware_Equivalance_Measurement-LC_col8.pdf

    1000 mAU = 1 AU.

    For PDA recommend not to exceed 1 AU (max 880 mAU but not below 550mAU)

    Low signal intensity will mean S/N ratio  possibly < 10 and chance small variances in the baseline will cause a failure of the peak purity test (purity angle < purity threshold

    Also what threshold are you using (Auto , Noise + solvent or Noise or solvent)?

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