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We are using Empower 3 FR1 client/server. We don't log on with LDAP.

We have printers that are secured with log on feature. But we can't use these printer with this printer feature when we want to Empower results report or equal. It is fine to print tables.

If we change to log on with LDAP could we then print Empower result reports.




  • I'm on FR2 client/server (w/Citrix).  I don't have LDAP implemented as of yet either.  All LDAP would do is sync your Empower username/password to your active directory username/password so you don't have to re-enter the info when logging into the Empower application.  I don't see how LDAP would change anything with regard to printing as printing should be secured based on your active directory login to the server, not to the application.

    You say you can't print reports, but can print tables?  That seems really weird as they shouldn't really be treated any differently.  Is this a new your IT group just implemented secured printing recently and you were fine printing before it became effective or has it always had this issue since moving to Emp3?  When I go to print anything, I get the same dialog box regardless of the selection being a table or a report.  Could there be something wrong with the printer driver on the server?

    As a temporary work around at least...can you view a report and save a pdf to be printed from your workstation rather than from the server?
  • Has anyone run the printer tool to add the appropriate printers to the Empower server / workstation?
  • shaunwat-  I have not used the printer tool, but do have a script that I run to add/remove printers.  Using the script consistently works and applies the change for all users.  It takes a lot less time, in my opinion.  Let me know if you want me to share...I can "cleanse" it of any corporate stuff and post if you like.
  • Hi all,

    I may not tell you the whole story. The issue is that common corporate printer use authentication by network windows id. As I understand if one tries to print a Empower report the Empower "system" account perform this action. If I on the other hand print a table in Empower I use the common printer with my network Windows Id.

    We have solve this by create printer profile on the common the printers which don't need a windows authentication.

    Thank you all for the support.


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