Pressure drop found in Acquity ARC

Acquity ARC system was found pressure drop at 30 min while placing column condition as function.
And due to this reason Extra peak was produced in next injection. We have three ARC system and facing same problem in each system


  • Hello Dipen17.  Thank you for your comment to us.  We want to help you with this, and to diagnose better we will need some more detailed information with respect to the conditions and method details (including the column chemistry) if possible.  If this is information you can share, please contact me at (please add "ARC Forum" in the Subject line).  Thank you and we look forward to helping you.  
  • Three different systems, three different columns and one method (gradient? isocratic)?
  • sir thanks for valuable reply.
    This is not method related issue. Here i found that there is system limitation that when you will inject column condition or inject immediate standard on our Acquity H class and ARC system, the system was going in to idea condition at 30 min and the valve potion was changes. at same time flow was passing from  pump to column path not from flow through needle.
    So help me regarding this issue and make myself  whether i am right or wrong??