Performing an intersample custom calc on multiple different samples and standard s

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In my head, I can perform this calc backwards and forwards, it completely makes sense, until empower. I'm trying to perform a standard addition calc against multiple standards and individual samples but multiple samples.

I've created a sample,integer custom field "Sample_Group" to group together samples and their respective standards by have a matching integer in that cell.

My calc is then:

I perform a "clear calibration" "calibrate" "quantitate" after each set of sample and standards (to be clear this is all in the same sample set).

After processing twice I will get results for one set of sample and standards but not the other.

My questions are:
Does anything in my calc jump out as incorrect?
What is empower doing? ie:
Why after processing twice do I get results?
Why am I not getting a result for all of the samples?

I'm wondering if splitting this run into "sample sets" instead of one long run will work.

If anyone has anything to offer it would be appreciated.

I should add that I have been working with empower 3 software only for a few years. No one else in my department really knows the ins and outs or has taken the time to explore the capabilities of the software, so I'm learning from a very basic understanding. This is for GC also.

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  • To be honest, I am not sure about the EQ(S%..(Sample_Group)...

    I guess it may really depend upon what that Sample_Group field is doing.

    However, I do not believe I have ever used a summary function type custom field in this manner. I've used summary functions like EQ(S?.1..AVE(Area), but never just as a check on a label or what ever this sample group filed is without doing anything.

    Suggestion: change the Sample_Group field to a Boolean field. Make your true case 1 and your false case 0. You will then have 0*Amount ... if false (i.e. your label conditions are not met); you will have 1*Amount ... if true (i.e your label conditions are met). This will allow you to drop the first part of your custom field, which is what I question in terms of ability to work properly.

  • I've tried this, however because each group has a will have will matching "Sample_group" this will always be a 1, so I need it to go line by line, the idea being that it doesn't compare standards that aren't applicable.
  • How to average three sample area run through different vials ?
  • yashpal said:
    How to average three sample area run through different vials ?
    Select the 3 vials in the Results tab and use an All Peaks table in a report method and add Mean to the Area field in the report. 
    If you need the result stored in Empower, use a custom field. 
    Peak, Real, Calculated, search order Result Set Only. Formula:

    Label the vials as U and something else, example U1, U2 etc. Add summarize custom fields to end of sample set and process