Empower 3 Area Component Summary Table adjustments

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create a report method that offers a comparison about the components of two samples. For this, I wanted to use a component summary table. My problem is as follows:
The samples have a large amount of peaks (>30), so that the amount of columns needed for a proper visualisation is too large to be displayed in the table/on the sheet.

Is there any way to switch the table rows and the table columns, so that i have my samples going from the left to the right side and my peak names descending from the top to the bottom?
If this is not possible, is there any way to achieve my goal using another option?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • You can drag and drop fields in your table and alter the order that way. If you want to set an order of for example, retention time ascending then in the "Order By" tab of your table, drag the field retention time (its a Peak Field) and for the Sort Order select ascending. If you want your peak names in alphabetic order select the same for Peak Name ascending. If you want to shorten your tables to fit on a page, maybe reduce the font size and not include any unneeded columns to stop the table wrapping.
  • MJS
    I don't believe you can transpose the table so injections are organized horizontally with component info on the verticle.  If you really want that, maybe consider exporting the component table to a .csv.  You could then copy/paste the table (paste special and click the "transpose" button) to a new space/worksheet to reformat the way you'd like.

    If you are only looking at a single value like area vs multiple, maybe you could align two independent tables somehow?  So table 1 being for injection 1 only with the peak components running downward for a value like area.  Then you'd configure an identical table next (to the right rather than below) to it for only injection 2.  Hopefully the peaks would align, although you'd likely have some space between the two tables which may make it difficult for comparison.  I'm not sure how well this would work, but maybe it could?  If you have too many peaks to fit on a single page, it would mess it up for sure as the first table would loop to the top and push the table on the right further away or simply mis-align it (so maybe consider a page break before it to ensure you have a full page all the time).