Saving Table Preferences for sample set layouts

When creating sample sets in projects, can I permanently save the settings of my own preferred layout? Lets say I want the samplename and Level column right next to each other or perhaps I want other columns closer etc, I know I can drag and drop but how do I save this layout? I notice Apply Table Preference option but when I select that it doesn't really give me any options. Maybe this option is only user and project specific? If anyone knows how I can alter sample set layouts as I see fit let me know thanks. 

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  • DavidHPLC
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    The option is project specific (user can create preferences for others who use the same project) and tied to a certain user privilege.

    As shaunwat said, you arrange, select Save as, name it accordingly and then it appears in the Apply Table Preferences menu. The Apply Table Preferences is only for selection an already saved preference (you name the preference in the Save as option).

    If you need to do this for multiple (future) projects create the preference in your master project (from which you derive subprojects) and the preference will be available for all users in the newly created projects.


  • Unless the user right have been taken away by an admin:

    1. Setup the table however you wish

    2. File --> Save As Table Preferences

    3. Select the preferences you want to use from the Apple Table Preferences drop down generally located near the top of the sample set table.

  • Hi Shaunwat, when you select Apply Table Preferences, do you get the option to name the preference that you just made from rearranging the columns etc?
  • shaunwat
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    Yes, clicking "Apply Table Preferences" will open a window will all named preferences that have been saved.

  • Ah I see thanks very much to Shaunwat and DavidHPLC