Empower 3 dissolution option


Hi ,

I understand for dissolution option you need to set up sample set method and click dissolution (Bath A) (not ticking 2690D installed)

This then goes through bath A set up and input volumes , timepoints etc and then sample set has columns Bath , vessel and transfer time added along with function 'Compute Dissolution'

Can this dissolution option be used to calculate dissolution mass and volume correction ?

Volume correction (change dilution by amount removed) is simple enough but struggling to see how dissolution option works



  • Hi ,

    Further literature searches suggest that this dissolution function is for creating dissolution profiles and can be f1/f2 similarity determinations ,, and not for quantitation for mass and volume correction at each timepoint ,unless I am missing something .. assuming mass and volume correction requires custom field in that case ? thanks

  • Hi ydan1977
    The Dissolution option does automatically correct for volume removed if you set it iup that way. You may get a better answer if you repost this question in the Informatics Forum.