Using all my standards in the calculations

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Hi, I am using 1 point calibration in the beginning, middle and at the end of my sample set. When processing the result of upper half of my injections is calculated with the first standard, the second part of my injections is calculated with the first and the middle standard. The standard at the end of the run is not used at all in the calculations. I want the software to calculate my result with the average result of this three standards. How should I set this up in empower 3? De column processing in the sample set is filled with the “normal” option. I am using a (normal) method set with a instrument/processing/report programs. -


  • At the end of the sample set insert two lines:

    Line 1: Calibrate

    Line 2: Quantitate

    You can add appropriate label references for both samples and standards to clean this up and make it easier for you. For example, standard injections have label S1, S2, S3. Sample injections have label (SMP1, SMP2 ... SMP9.

    You would then use "S?" as the calibrate label reference and "SMP?" as the quantitate label reference (without the quotations). ? is a single character wild card used by Empower.

  • Ok thanks Shaunwat It works! 
    But how do you mean calibrate with a "S?" as a label reference.
    I just can only ad the lines and then there is no possiblity to ad a reference label.
  • You need to display the column called Reference Label (right click on theVial/Inj Vol row and then click the checkbox before Reference Label),
  • OK I see what you mean.Thanks
  • Top tip...  to prevent the sample set processing each injection twice (once as it goes through the run, and again at the end when you asked it to calibrate and quantitate) se the ‘after acquisition’ processing to “Don’t process or report”.

    Alternatively set only the stds to Process normally, then you only need to add “Quantitate” at the end of the run to process the unknowns. 

    Using the SampleSet wizard help you set this up correctly without errors and then you can adjust the auto settings if needed.