Label reference operators

U0* will process all labels that start with U0.

How would I process all labels that end with U0? *U0?

Are there any other operators or wildcard options? 


  • MJS
    Wildcard options:
    The asterisk (*) is the wildcard for any number of characters, I can't imagine it matters if it is at the beginning vs end, but I haven't tried at the beginning.  However, the asterisk can't be used as a wildcard in formulae as it only means multiplication there.  In formulae, % would be the one to use.  A question mark (?) is the wildcard for a single character which I believe can be used in formulae, but not in certain types, if I'm not mistaken, like enumerated lists.

    Operator options in formulae:
    Beyond the basics, ":" represents an OR, "&" is AND. There's probably others I'm missing though.
  • I thought "|" was or, or at least that is what I have been using...
  • Yes, the "|" is the OR symbol in Boolean and Enumeratured custom fields as in GTE(CCompRef[Amount],CConst1)|LTE(CCompRef2[Amount],CConst2). 

    Labels? The wildcard works at the beginning middle or end of data filtering conditions and when setting up View Filters to seek specific sample names like ?Sample01 or Sample*02 so I imagine it works with labels too. I never tried it though.