Limits in processing method- what precision does it use??

Im setting a Limit for the Amount of my active peak as a Maximum Value of 90 but when I put this number in as 90 in the UCL field in the Limits tab of the processing methof, it defaults to 90.00. My specification allows an amount of 90 (as an integer) but not 91 so therefore any value from 90.5 onwards is a fail but does Empower flag a value of 90.05 as a fail because the precision of the UCL is at 2, or is that just a setting in case you had a limit of 90.55?

The Faults tab says Yes or No based on this UCL being exceeded so my question is, if I want to set the UCL as a value of 90 do I have to key in 90.50 to account for the fact that I only want values of 91 onwards flagged as a fault? There is no point in changing precision of that field because that's only specific to user and project and resets when another user logs on.


  • That’s a really intriguing question. My guess would put in the true limit, in the same precision as the field. 
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