Backup/delete of alert_wat10.txt

Which file is prone to getting large and impacting DB performance (and should therefore be subject to periodic backup and deletion), the one in D:\Empower\Oracle\diag\rdbms\wat10\wat10\trace, or the one in D:\Empower\Oracle\Oracle11g_2\RDBMS\trace

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    Hi Dan, The Oracle alert log (Alert_WAT11.log) is a file that Oracle uses to log important database information. The file continually grows larger, and if it becomes too large, it can adversely affect system performance. Archive the alert log on a regular basis so that it does not become so large as to cause problems. To archive the alert log, move it from program-drive:\Empower\Oracle\diag\rdbms\WAT11\WAT11\Trace to your storage location.

    Tip: Once you move the alert log, a new one is recreated automatically.


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    PS - yesterday, I removed both and saw neither get rebuilt right away. I checked again this AM and there was a new one in (D:\Empower\Oracle\Diag\rbdms\wat10\wat10\trace), so I am assuming that this is the one that needs attention now and then. I replaced the one in the other folder (D:\Empower\Oracle\Oracle11g_2\RDBMS\trace).
    Confirmation from someone would still be appreciated. 

    Also appreciated - a way to not have emojis pop up and replace your text.  :o 
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