System over pressure at 5000 psi

I am attempting to transfer a method to a C18 column and keep getting pressure issues on our H-class UPLC at 5000 psi. The column care guide says it should withstand up to 15,000 psi. I assume we just have a setting in Empower somewhere set to shut the system off at 5000 psi and that it considers 5000 psi "over pressure." (If I'm mistaken, please do let me know). But if this assumption is correct, can someone tell me how to change this? There are not rapid pressure spikes when trying to run this. It just slowly creeps up to 5000 psi and then shuts off.


  • Hi hmcmurtray,
    Have you tried a system and software reboot?  We received a few of these errors with Masslynx and a reboot was required.

  • What is your flow rate you are transferring your HPLC method to the H-class UPLC? Is it anything to do with the fact that the H-class is limited to certain pressures according to what flow rate you are trying to apply - although 5000 psi (ca. 352 bar) does seem too low for this explanation.