Average by none for calibration curve?

What does this option mean? I run a set of samples bracketed by several samples interspersed through the run. The calibration curve is created then samples are quantified off this curve. If it uses all points and is not averaged then shouldn't I see all the points in the Calibration Curve when I press the calibration curve icon when reviewing a sample? But I don't, I only see one point on the curve. If all samples are quantified off this one curve, shouldn't I be seeing all the individual standard points on the curve. I have it set to linear, and its an external standard..

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    Average by none - every standard result goes into calculating the standard curve. Average by amount - all results from a given standard amount are averaged together and these averaged responses (one per amount) are used to calculate a curve. Average by level - all responses assigned to each level are averaged and one value from each level is used to calculate the curve. This is all under the help topic "Creating processing methods".
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