Making changes in queued sample sets

I put on 4 sample sets recently and whilst one was running, i noticed there was an error in the 3rd sample set, which was visible in the sample queue tab but how can i change this? I know you can alter running sample but for a queued run, can you take it out of the queue, change and then put it back in?

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    Look at the sample sets tab when you are connected to the instrument. Here you will see all of your queued sample sets with the current running sample set in red.

    Highlight the one you need to change, right click and select "cancel sample set(s)".

    Make your changes in the samples editor by loading the sample set method again and click run.

    If you switch back to the sample sets tab, you can re-order all queued sample sets by drag and drop. This saves you from having to cancel everything after the one you need to change.


  • Thanks very much for that shaunwat I didn't know you could drag and drop the order of sample sets yet to be run. Thanks again, very helpful!
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