How to create AND conditions in a report method

I want my Empower report to only display the 4 injections of my first standard (called Std A) and not the 2 injections of the same standard which is injected after 5 samples. When I filter the report under Data Filtering Conditions as "Injection" greater than 1 I just get the injections 2 to 5 of the first Std A vial AND the second injection of Std A all in the one table. 

How do you create an AND condition for this? I think I read somewhere that you need two separate lines in Empower report filtering and that means AND. So maybe first condition greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 5?

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    So your sample set is something like:
    5 x Std A
    1 x Sample (total of 5 though)
    2 x Std A

    Your results make sense if you are filtering off of the injection label/sample name and both the first and second groups are labeled/named the same.  Ultimately, the two groups of Std A need to be differentiated somehow and you'd use that value to tell Empower which of the two groups of Std A you want to look at.

    Can you apply different injection labels to the first vs second Std A?  If so, then it would be an AND filter for the label and injection.  In the data filter conditions window for the table, an AND is essentially the vertical, so row 1 could be for the label with condition 1 being "STDA1" or whatever you'd label the first group of STDA.  Then, you'd add another row for the Injection and a Condition 1 of greater than 1 to meet your requirements.  Going across columns is an OR which doesn't seem to apply for your example, but can be very useful at times.

    If you can't label them differently, maybe a slightly different sample name, like the first group being called "Standard A 1" and the second group "Standard A 2" and then instead of using the label, you'd use the sample name and use that for the condition.  


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    If it were me, I would label the first five SS1 and the second two SS2.

    Create a filter:


    Injection !1 (here, ! represents does not equal)

    Then setup a second table for Label=SS2

    If you wanted to accomplish in one table:

    Label=SS1 OR SS2

    Inj !1 OR                (here your injection condition under SS2 would be left blank).

    I STRONGLY CAUTION: I have been in situations where auditors have questioned conditioning injections ... The auditors have asked how can I prove that I am conditioning standard and not screening samples for a pass / fail. It wasn't a pleasant situation to be in. I was advised to either build conditioning injections into the formal test method, or run them all together in a separate sequence from the analysis. If you must condition with sample injections, then it must be from a previously tested and released sample lot.

    I've also been asked by auditors to search Empower databases for "test" or "check" injections to see if people are not screening samples outside of the formal sequence. Luckily I never got a hit anytime an auditor asked me to search as that would have been a VERY uncomfortable situation.

    The point being: be very very careful how you proceed in a situation like this....

  • Thanks very much for the replies, people. MSJ, I did what you suggested and labelled both standards as A1 and A2 and when I filtered by that label then it worked perfectly. Thanks for that shaunwat, ill keep that in mind when im looking to filter future injections. Thanks again. 
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