Label Specific with specific Peak custom Field

I have a method that has very similar acceptance critieria for the Standard and the Sample.  I have created a Range Boolean Custom fields (see below) and have struggled to get it to only calculate for the Standard label RS or the Sample label Spl. (Note there are multiple RS and Spl in each sample set i.e. RS1, RS2, Spl1, Spl2...) I have tried several iterations of the EQ functionality but have not had any success.  I was thinking of making a smaller custom field that would calculate the Height of the Monomer peak specifically for either the RS or Spl label.  I have tried different things but nothing has worked.  For Example RS%.%..("Monomer"[Height])".  I have several method that have similar situation where specific peaks have specific criteria which differs between the Standard and sample.  Any help will be appreciated as I feel I am close but I am just missing something.

1) Standard Range CF:  RANGE(ROUND(Monomer[Height],-1),1000000,1700000)

2)  Sample Range CF:  RANGE(ROUND(Monomer[Height],-1),900000,1800000)


  • Your first custom field has the wrong syntax: RS%.%..("Monomer"[Height]) Too many dots, its not a summary custom field so the correct layout, and assuming all actives are detected in one channel, is:

    Do you need the 0 and 1 translations in your Boolean custom field or is it sufficient to just have the Height value if Pass and 0 if Failed? If so then create two Peak, Real, Calculated CFs, put your upper and lower range for standards in CConst1/2, for samples CConst3/4 and I would recommend tying the peak to CCalRef1 or CCompRef1-3 to avoid Empower calculating this for irrelevant peaks:
    EQ(Sample_Type,"Standard")*GTE(ROUND(CCalRef1[Height],-1),CConst1)*LTE(ROUND(CCalRef1[Height],1),CConst2)*CCalRef1[Height]. This will give 1*1*Height if pass and 0 if failed. Similar with Sample but start CF with EQ(Sample_Type,"Unknown")* etc. 

    Or..just keep the two CFs you created and make two more circa:
    RS%.%.(Standard_Range_CF) and Spl%.%.(Sample_Range_CF) which will calculate the Boolean logic on the Monomer (or CCalRef1) peak for injections with the RS.. and Spl… labels, Then just filter them in your report method, one table for samples, another for standards and throw the relevant peak field into your table and dump it next to the Height field and rename it something like "Height Pass or Fail". Make sure your Bool is set to Use as Text so you can filter the 0/1 outputs example a table of Only Pass or only Fail. 

    Also, be aware that "Range" doesn't include the first value so if I wanted a range for Amount between 10-20 my formula is RANGE(Round(Amount,0),9,20) or if it was 98.0 to 102.0 then it becomes RANGE(Round(Amount,-1),97.9,102.0).

    Good luck!
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