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I have a problem in deleting a project. When I choose to delete the project the software is answering "still busy copying or moving"   So the project is not  approachable in any way. Other projects are OK.  The project seem to be fixed.
How can I get it out of the frozen state?

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    Hello Durgaprasad,

    The answers on your questions.

    Project type is Standard, the installation type is standalone and I want to delete the project just for the convenience and the overvieuw. Every year I do a backup of my projects, delete them from my Empower 3 en make new ones. 
    kindly regards
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  • Could you please provide more info regarding
    1) Project Type: Standard or Validation working or Validation template ( go to project properties > general tab) ?
    2) Installation type is Standalone or Client/server?
    3) Why you want to delete the project ?
  • Hi Wouter, 
    Thanks for the information, i guess particular project still in copying state due to you initiated backup process.

    go to "Start task manager" from windows and select the empower related things ( mainly related to backup process) under "Application" then click on "End Task". then you try to delete the project.
  • Thank you Durgaprasad.  I'm going to try it.
     Hope it works.
  • A little late reaction: 
    Couldn't find these processes (copy , delete etc) in the task manager. But I found something else: in the Empower 3 software in the configuration manager menu you follow "view" from the taskbar.  There is a command : "Cancel Pending SDMS operations" Don't know exactly what SDMS means but it worked immediatly. 
    Maybe SDMS is :Scientific Data Management System?
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