Summarize Custom Fields Incrementally issue

I am trying to use Summarize Custom Fields Incrementally twice across one sample set and I cant get the results im looking for.

Here is what I need:

Sample A

Sample B

(Average Area of Sample A – Average Area of Sample B)*100 which is a custom field I have set up circa ABS((A.%..AVE(Area)-B.%..AVE(Area))*100

Then another set of samples

Sample A

Sample B

With the same formula required. I put in “Summarize Custom Fields Incrementally” directly after my first Sample B then again directly after my second Sample B but although I get correct results for the first Set of Samples, when it comes to the second set, Empower is taking the average area of my active across BOTH sets of A and B instead of just the one set. I thought by putting the Incremental  function where I did, it would “block” Empower from seeing any samples above that function line and only consider the samples between one Incremental function and another. When I checked the Empower Help on this function, that’s what I understood that it meant: “Summarize Custom Fields Incrementally – add one or more functions in a sample set to calculate incremental summary results using all samples above its function row that match the custom field syntax. Each function stores its summary value for only those samples above its row and below the previous function row.

But it doesn’t seem to have done that for my dilemma, it’s still averaging active areas from the first samples when calculating the second set of A/B samples. Any ideas what im doing wrong or is this even possible? I attach a shot of how I set up this sample set..

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    You sort of answered the why by what you quoted..."using all samples above its function row that match the custom field syntax" so the second execution will certainly use all results already created within the result set.  It only saves the applicable result for those above, but that doesn't mean it doesn't utilize results from anywhere above the summarize line.

    Is there any chance you can modify your sample labels slightly?  With the should be able to specify the labels for the injections you want to perform the calculations if you can say A1 and B1 for the first pair, then A2 and B2 for the second, then you could specify which to use, depending on any custom fields of course.

    I've had to do something along these lines before with regard to bracket standards.  The only workaround I could come up with at the time was to create bracket-specific like an A1-B1 and another for A2-B2 and another for A3-B3.


  • Sample set layout 
  • Thanks for the reply. I was sure Empower had this ability to almost 'split' the sample set into specific sections where only summary custom fields could be stored and calculated only for those specific samples but obviously not. I cant see the point of it then because if you wanted to calculate incrementally you could use the report method for RSDs of specific blocks of samples or standards. 
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