Can this be done using report method?

I have two samples, one injection each. I need to calculate the difference in areas between ActiveX in Injection 1 compared to ActiveX in Injection 2. Can I filter a report method table to just display the areas of Active X across the two samples and do an RSD %? Or would a better way to calculate the % difference between the areas to do a custom field such as ABS((A.%.(Area)-B.%.(Area))/((0.5(A.%.(Area)+B.%.(Area)))*100?

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    What is the mathematical formula you want or need to execute?  %RSD is not the same as the formula you lay out.  If I wanted %RSD, then I'd use the report method table which is simple, clean, fully validated, and robust.  If I needed to do the formula you list, then I'd have no choice but to create a custom field for it.
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    the calculation you are trying to do looks like a very common one that SOPs call for. It is wither called Standard Check or sometimes Concordance Checking.  Don't use %RSD as you cant use % RSD for measuring the difference between 2 things. The calculation can be done but has no mathematically meaning for 2 items.

    What I have seen done successfully is to run Injection 1 as a Standard and Injection 2 as a Control. I think you have to add 1 or multiple 1/x from the Control "% Deviation" field to match what your company has defined. But it works pretty well.


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