Empower 3 system: adding an instrument to the system

I am trying to add a Waters 2414 RI detector to an Empower 3 system.  The Empower 3 system controls a QDa/H-class UPLC, and a HPLC system (1515 pump, 2489 UV/Vis detector, 2707 autosampler).  All these instruments came from another lab.  I think the RI detector was part of a separate Waters HPLC system there.  

The RI detector shows up in the DHCP server table.  There are entries for IP Address, MAC Address, and Name, but no entry for Type.  

When I use Scan Instruments under Node Properties, the RI detector does not show up.  Restarting the system doesn't help.  The instruments are connected by ethernet cables to an 8-port switch.  


  • Please check the respective ICS drivers (2414 RI Detector) installed in that PC.
  • It was the drivers.  I installed the drivers pack and the detector was recognized.  The system knows that it is there.

    I have a new problem.  I now get a Communications failure error message for the 2414. 

    Also, the detector also doesn't always initialize when I turn it on.  When I turn on the detector I usually get an alarm and a grey screen.  I don't get the three beeps and the startup diagnostic tests.  It seems to be random for when the detector turns on successfully and when it doesn't.
  • Hi Mike 
    Upload the "Firmware" to the 2414 detector.
    go to "C:\Empower\Instruments\Firmware" ( for Empower Typical installation C drive), select "Autoloader"  and upload the it.
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