How to check solvent compustion before a run?

After you start a sample set, solvent consumption bar displays the estimated volume.

Is there a way to see the estimated solvent consumption before sending the sample set?

Also, can you see the number of injections in a particular sample set before a run (as you can in the Sample Sets tab after you send the sample set)?


  • You can work out how much solvent is needed before the run by a simple equation: Multiply number of injections by run time and flow rate to get mls of mobile needed, add another 100-200 for needle washes extra time. 
  • For solvent consumption:
    In Emp3 FR2/SP2 full instructions: with the sample set loaded/ready to run, the "solvent required" toolbar (if not displayed by default: View-Toolbar-Solvent Required), change the drop-down item from "Sample Set" to "New Samples" and the estimates for what you have loaded should display. 

    So, basically what you have always looked at, just change the drop down selection to the new samples.

    Total injections: I don't think so without simply counting, estimating, or creating a report to view.  Estimating is probably sufficient as the "New Sample Set Time" will display within the "Time Remaining" toolbar.  Presuming you have a small equilibration at the front and a consistent injection run time, you could easily calculate approx. number of injections.
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    MJS, exactly what I needed. Thanks.

    By the way, does anyone have an idea why Agilent instruments don't have this feature in Empower (even with the latest ICF)?
  • Hmmm...clearly no communication back and forth with the ICF...maybe submit a suggestion to Waters for a future version as that would be useful (they track those and you can even see them on their support pages)?  I don't see anything specifically on the support pages about how to do it, but I imagine a phone call to the help desk would get it done.
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