What does "Fractions" in Empower 3 mean?

What does the Fractions tab in Empower 3 represent and is there a practical example? I have read some articles on it and my understanding of it is that if your run is cut short for whatever reason (power outage, air in lines etc) then the fractions can collect the last detected signal and show individual UV spectrums for the last peak detected, is that correct? I could be completely wrong as that seems an enormous waste of resource just to display to the end user what your sample probably is before you need to run it again!

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    That is used if you have a fraction manager in use on a system.  A fraction manager will connect to the system between the detector (non-destructive like a PDA) and waste.  It will then pool fractions of the injections by peak/RT into new vials.  This table is a way to backtrack the physical fraction to the acquired channel data.  So, let's say you used a fraction manager to collect a peak from 12.1 min to 12.7 min.  This table would then detail that info and link you to the chromatogram/spectra info for the particular fraction.

    So, it can be extremely useful, provided you have the hardware.  We have historically collected fractions "by hand" by sticking a little vial at the PDA outlet when the peak of interest was eluting to collect where an instrument will automate this and allow for better tracking of what the actual fraction consisted of compared to someone's simple observation.  We've just recently ordered a system with a fraction manager, so I'm looking forward to this functionality as it will be extremely useful.


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