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Is it possible to show Assay% for both Sample*1, Sample*2 and average?

Currently our related substances reports show data for Assay% for average of the duplicates and then Assay for each individual.

What I would like is a table that would contain columns RT, Peak and Assay% - something like this.


  • For formatting a table like that in Empower, I think you'll have a tough time with it without making a full set of custom fields just to allow you to convert the table format.  Empower (I presume you are using Empower) wants to separate data by row rather than by column.  The component summary configuration would transpose the data into more of a column-oriented table, but that will limit it to by component across the top rather than by injection/avg.  The other issue with your table format for Empower is that you have a retention time reported that appears to apply to 2 injections.  Since that is a unique value for each injection, it won't be able to do that.

    If you don't mind changing the format/layout slightly, maybe something like this would work (pic attached if not displayed in-line):

    Obviously, substitute fields as needed for your Amount% and such (I didn't have a good example to use for that as this example data only had 1 peak).  The end result of this configuration is that you'd have a table like this for each component/injection pair/combo.  Yeah, not nearly as concise as what you provide in your example, but this doesn't require any custom fields and can easily adapt to any number of components.  If this works for you, I can paste in pics of the report configuration screens if you like or add in instructions.

    If you were to make the average a custom field (an intersample calc to average the Amount% values by component), you could probably simplify it into one table per injection pair/combo and have all components in a single table.  This would get you a little closer to your original goal, but it is a little more advanced.

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