Range Boolean Custom Field

I have the following custom field and I am trying to figure out how to make it specific to only certain samples with a particular label.  I am struggling as to where or how to put the Label reference in it.


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    Would something as simple as putting a label test with it work for your needs?  Assume the label "A" is what you've used for this particular grouping:

    EQ(Label, A)*RANGE(ROUND(Monomer[Height],-1),1000000,1700000)

    It may depend on how you are translating the results of the boolean range test and what you want the overall outcome if in vs out of range...so it may have to be a little more complicated depending on that.  It may be simpler from an organization standpoint if you have multiples like this, to use an enumerated list with the EQ function and call out the appropriate function based on the enumerated list.
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