copy channel results from one sample set to a new sample set?


We have run several hundred samples in ~10 different sample sets. The samples were pooled randomly into different sample sets, but now we are trying to organize them prior to peak integration (we're trying to develop our peak integration method, and we want to look at all of the samples of the same type together). All of them used the same instrument method, and none have been processed as results yet. Is there a way to copy and paste individual channels (e.g. 3D spectrum and 219nm from a PDA) into a new set of results so that we can easily review them all together? We'd also love to be able to rename the samples as we go.



  • There is a way to re-organize channels.  I imagine most people don't have much, if any, experience using it.  If you were to go to the channels tab of the project and select a few channels.  Then right-click and select "Create Process Only Sample Set," it will take the selected channels and create a new sample set which will show up in your sample set tab.  At that point, it seems like you can alter any field that you could normally alter (e.g. anything non-acquisition related). 

    I just played with it the first time now (so very limited experience) and this definitely seems to be what you are looking for with your question about re-organizing the channels/sample sets.

    For viewing, keep in mind that you can always set up custom view filters.  You can even enter a "=#" into the top row of the filter table and Empower will prompt you for a value to filter on.  That can be very handy as well to sift through multiple sample/result sets of data.
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