Empower 3 not exporting results files from one project

I am in the habit of creating and exporting ASCII result files based on simple report methods that yield just tables of numbers. I have one particular Empower project that is not doing any exporting when tasked to do so. 
To answer anticipated questions:
I'm sending data to the same drive and folder as I do for other projects and export methods.
Export methods are working well in other projects.
Build 3741, SR2, Hotfix 2

Any suggestions?

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    Report methods are not locked, project properties between the ones that work and the one that does not are the same. The report method, while not copied from another, problem free project, is just a simple collection of tables that do not call for any CF generated data, not do they have headers/footers. Just area component summaries, peak tables, SST tables with filters for different combinations of sample type/label/name and/or peak names. They always just call out a report method that works and send ASCII text to another spot on the network. Tablespace is not a problem and I've found no messages in message center about it. I have not checked audit trails. I'm thinking I have some sort of project level glitch.


  • Check the system policies for that particular project, is there a restrictive setting for your access when it comes to exporting?
    Is there a lock on the report method, like when someone is editing it and that freezes it from further activity?
  • Report methods are not locked, project properties between the ones that work and the one that does not are the same.
  • I don't think there's anything project related that would hinder this beyond a remote possibility that project tablespace is too limited and needs to be increased (but I don't think exporting uses any tablespace, so very remote chance).  Any message in the message center (also remote chance of anything there or in the audit trail for exporting, but easy to check)?

    Has this exact export method worked in the past within this project or others (was it copied from a different project)?  Maybe test a different/new export method with something small like just sample names being exported.

    If a simple/new one works and this export method was copied from another project, could there be a custom field listed in the export method that doesn't exist in that project?  If that's the case, the whole thing may fail as the table won't generate (same issue will show up in reports as well, but at least only affects the one table rather than all).
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