Retention Time reference used to reference unknown peaks

In Empower 3, there is an option to name all unknown peaks in your sample as RRT... in relation to a peak you select eg active peak. My question is: If you run a lot of samples in a run eg 20 samples and there are unidentified peaks in each sample, does this automatic assigning of RRT to these peaks also populate in your component editor so they become "named" peaks as such along with your other named peaks?

So if you use this option in more than 1 sample, does your component editor fill with names for RRT and then what if your RRT  unknown peak clashes with another peak at that same retention time and interferes with your integration? I cant see how you can use this feature on multiple samples without filling up the component editor or does it reset every time you use it?

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    I believe Empower generates a new list per each injection (and actually the peak names [re:RRTs] never appear in the component editor).

    The +1 on this is I have never found this feature to be entirely useful. Example: Say you want an average of individual unknown impurities for duplicate sample injections. Turn this option on, setup your report appropriately ... and you are golden; or maybe not.

    The problem is Empower will consider an impurity with an RRT of 1.211 differeent than 1.212, it will be named differently, and will not populate your reporting tables correctly.

    You can setup an elaborate excercise in math to avoid the probem above, but I will save that for another discussion.

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