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At work we have started to use custom field and I'm trying to understand the most basic concepts. My question is, for the field type "component", when and why is useful?
I know that if I create a custom field type "component", I can see it in amount, but I don't understand for what it can be used.
Thank you so much in advance.

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    You could create a component type custom field that you could then use to calculate spike recovery. Depending upon your version of Empower, you might also use this type of a field to correct for standard purity. You could choose to use a component type field to apply relative response factors to impurities.


  • Can you please tell me what I need to include in a formula to calculate % recovery for standards in Empower 3?  I know how to add custom fields, just not sure what needs to go in the formula. 
  • What exactly is the formula you are trying to replicate? Example, Amount/Target_Amount*100 etc.
  • Rarely use this CF field type 'component'

    Any factors required as a real (0.0) number can go in to standard, sample or as mentioned RRF in processing method

  • Another feature in Empower that might be useful when you are multiplying a peak area by a factor is the field Corrected Area. Open the processing method and then the components tab. There is a field called Impurity RRF. in here you enter real numbers for each named peak and upon processing, you get the value for Corrected Area for that peak eg Area of 1000 multiplied by a factor of 0.5 yields a value of 500. This only works for area though- amounts require the Curve Reference and RRF fields. 

    CConst1-7 values in the processing method are generally the most used fields when you need to multiply a peak by a factor but only when that factor is constant through the sample set- I use a few component CFs when my factor varies for example running 100 samples of various strengths so a cf like area/Comp_CF *100 will work when the unknowns have different label claims.  
  • % recovery for standards might be the same as the auto calculated % deviation in each cal curve. 
  • In my experience, probably the most popular use of Component field is for label claim in pharma labs. This allows for different entries for multiple components to be correctly quantified with a single processing pass. If you had a preservative and 2 APIs in one sample and treated Label Claim as a sample input, you'd have to process 3 times...
  • Or worse, have 3 sample CFs in the sample set, one for Preservative and one each for active. Component custom fields are very useful that way.
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