Custom field calculation

I wonder how to create a custom calculation where I want to get an answer of yes/no. The problem is: I have two GC system in the same project and the approved total area is different between these two. I can only get it working for one system using Range(total area,100,600) boolean type. Can someone help me creating a field where both system name and total area range are fulfilled?


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    Instead of using fixed numbers in your formula, use the CConst fields in your processing method as your upper and lower ranges. So the formula becomes Result, Boolean: Range(Total Area,CConst1,CConst2) then for any runs you process on GC system 1, put in those ranges in CConst1 and CConst2 of your relevant processing method before you acquire the run then when your process run you will get a value of Pass or Fail (whatever you put in 0 and 1 of your translation table) against your component(s).

    For GC 2, put in those ranges in CConst1 and CConst2 against your component(s) (eg 200 in CConst1 and 400 in CConst2). That way the formula is universal. 

    Be aware though that "RANGE" is exclusive and only includes your lower number PLUS 1 so if your specification range is from 100 to 200 put 99 in CConst1 and 200 in CConst2. That way Empower will read any number from "99+1" up to 200. If you put in 100 and you get a result of 100, Empower reads this as OUTSIDE the range and returns a failing result.

    Also, if your specification is at a certain number of decimal places, eg Total Area to 3 decimal places, you can incorporate this into your formula too:

    RANGE(Round(Total Area,-3),CConst1,CConst2). You may have to make it a Peak, Boolean custom field as a result field might not accept CConst in the formula?

    Hope this helps. 
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