Adding a report line to "Run Only" sample sets

Typically, our company runs all samples in "Run Only" mode then we process the run and sign off using report methods. Is it possible to add a report line AFTER a Summarize Custom Fields line? If you do this in Run Only, do you have to add the report method to your method set? And how does Empower respond to the report line in sample set- are your automatically signed off, I thought sign offs had to be done manually?

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    In Run Only, Empower simply ignores all processing/reporting instructions during acquisition so having an RM in the MS is really just a question of whether or not it helps keep people organized and ensure they choose the right one as it should allow for the "choose the report from the acquisition method set" option when the analyst pulls up the results into the Preview/Publisher.

    I don't do any automated processing/reporting for anything except SystemQT tests which I believe is a Run and Process instruction.  The SQT tests are consistent enough that they can usually get away with it as they don't typically require any tweaks to the processing method.  In that case, Empower will auto process the sample sets.  You still have to manually preview the result set(s) to apply electronic signatures.  I can't imagine the Run and Report would ever do electronic signatures automatically as the analyst wouldn't have done any cursory review prior to sign off, but I've never tried it either.


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