Chrom open for read failed,'Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.'

Hi while processingc sampe set, it got processed sucessfullye, but in results peaks are not integrated, showing as missing,and below error recorded in message center.

Chrom open for read failed, err = 'Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.'

Please help.


  • Hi
    Workstation or Client/Server system?
    Is that reproducible?
    Does that happen all the time or does the issue "suddenly disappear?
    I am asking because if that disappears after some time for a client/server architecture then this may be caused by a change of users password. On larger installations, it can take some time until all domain control servers are back in sync. During that time you may see this error as the Raw data file share still expects the old password is valid.
    As soon as the password sync has happened to the Domain Controller that the raw data fileserver is talking your chromatograms will be accessible again.
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