QDa freeze issue

Hey guys,

i have a weird issue with a QDa-H-Class-System running under ML 4.1.

When i try to acquire 1 TIC and 7 SIRs at the same time in individual functions at a sampling rate of 2 Hz, my QDa freezes, which means it stays on running even if the LC is shut off and the system can't be reset. The only solution is to reboot the whole tower. Has anyone else ever encountered a similiar error? If yes, how did you fix it.

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  • Pflan
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    Hi Kuro,

    I consulted some in-house experts in Waters and this is a new problem.  Your best bet is to contact your local support team to assist you.  

    Please contact iRequest Technical Service/ Support:  http://www.waters.com/waters/iRequest-Technical-Support/nav.htm?cid=10006027

    A Waters Support Specialist will contact you to quickly address your needs.
  • Kuro
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    Hi Pflan,

    thanks for the answer. The problem was already escalated by Technical Support multiple times, and as they faced the identical issue with a QDa in the Manchester lab, they told us we need to wait for a firmware update of the QDa and up until then need to work with a workaround.