How to get a custom field to report out when the peak is missing?

How do I create a custom field to report out when a peak is missing such as when evaluating signal to noise and there are no peaks present.

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    Modify the custom formula to read REPLACE(Signal_To_Noise,0) and tick the "Missing Peak" section of the custom field editor. That way the custom field will either report the value for Signal to Noise or 0 if no peak present. 


  • I would caution against reporting as zero as that result might be a little misleading.

    Instead I would change the custom field be: EQ(Peak Type,"Missing")*-1*60002 which will report "not detected" for your s/n custom field. A result of -60002 is a database code unique to Empower that will be translated as "not detected".

    Alternatively, you could use the same custom field I suggested above as a boolean peak. The 0 (false) translation could be USP s/n (fc), while the 1 (true) translation might be something like main peak not present:. Though to be honest I'm not entirey certain if you can use a function boolean custom field as both a function (fc) and text. Also, I believe the use as function type of a custom field operator was added in Empower 2 FR2.

  • I can confirm, that you can use a boolean cf, configured with 'use as field' also as text cf.
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