Comparing areas in your sample injection to standard injection?

I have 4 actives in my sample and I run the standard (with the same 4 actives at the same concentration) followed by my sample, 1 injection each. The specification is that the area of my actives in my samples has to be less than that of my standard. I know you could just throw up a table in a report method of areas by standard/sample and look at it but is there a way for Empower to calculate this?

I tried labelling the standard injection as S and a Peak, Boolean custom field like:
GT(Area,S.%.(Area)) but that returned a blank value. Then I tried putting the component areas into CCompRef1 in the standard injection and modifying the formula to GT(Area,S.%.CCompRef1[Area])) but again nothing. It seems like this should  be easy to do but I cant find a way!

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    What do you want to do?  Do you want to report a Pass/Fail? If Area of your sample is less than the Area of the standard? If this is what you want to do , then create an Enumerated Custom Field, used as Text:

    ENUM(LT(Area, S%.%.SAME(Area)), GTE(Area, S%.%.SAME(Area)) )

    You can also compare the rounded Area:

    ENUM(LT(ROUND(Area, -1), S%.%.SAME(ROUND(Area, -1))), GTE(ROUND(Area, -1), S%.%.SAME(ROUND(Area, -1))) )


  • Do you have a "summarize custom fields" line at the end of your SSM?
  • Hi Dan, no I don't because there is no summary function like Average. Max PROD etc in the formula, unless I'm missing something. I see it as a standard Boolean formula. I'm wondering can you actually test a function like area based on another intersample calculation (S.%.CCompRef1[Area[), maybe it doesn't work like that.
  • Dar Empower2018, you need the "summarize custom fields" line for any intersample calculation. Your first boolean expression should then work.
  • Hi crimango, I already use intersample custom fields that work without summarize custom fields eg A.%.(Area)*CConst1. 

    Is it the case where all Boolean functions in a formula will require summarize custom fields?
  • I have plenty of examples where I have boolean fields without a summarize custom fields instruction in the sample set.  As you said, it is only needed when you have a summarize-based function like AVE in the formula. 

    What I don't see in your description is any detail about the translation table and what you may or may not have listed there.  Boolean fields will only return a 0 or 1 (False/True).  I've recreated your original formula in a test project and it works fine for me (attached).  What do you have in the top right under the translation definition?  Maybe a screenshot of your field configuration may help if this is not sufficient to clarify.

  • Hi MJS, I'm glad it worked for you as it means I'm only doing something small wrong. 
    Yes, I set my translation table to 0 = Test Pass and 1 = Test Fail. I didn't use as text though I set it as position but that doesn't really make a difference right? Text is only useful if you want to group reports by Pass/Fail or use in additional custom fields like SUM(EQ(Boolean_Test,"Fail")). 

    Ill have a closer look at the labels and functions in the sample set when I get a chance. If its working for you then its obviously possible. 
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