Massive font when i open up report tables- what causes this?

I created a few methods (summary by all) from scratch and although everything is working in it, if I have to edit some small detail in a peak table or summary chart by double clicking, sometimes the font is massive, so big I cant even see the full word- a word like 'Field' will appear in about font 300 and the only way to go back to normal is to close out and try again once or twice. Is this a known defect and how can I prevent this if possible?

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    Yes, this is a known problm with the report publisher. I've seen this has a tendency to happen more the as the versions of the reporting method increase. Sometimes you need to start with a clean copy if at all possible. 
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    This happens always in the publisher view, depending on the number of objects in the report and the amount of data that is read out by the report. For this purpose the "outlines only view" is provided. Using this view, you don't have a preview in the publisher anymore, you need to launch the print preview function. It is therefore advisable to assign names to the single tables and plots in the report, not to loose overview.


  • Ok I kind of suspected that because it has been updated very very many times lately with removals and additions. It doesn't seem to stop the report from working, its just annoying. 
  • I didnt even know about that feature thank you cromingo that made loading the report a lot faster. 
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