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Does the dust in the LAC/E32 may be the cause in the loss connection in Empower 3?

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    It's easy enough to open up a LAC/E and blow off the internals with compressed air, but that seems like a stretch for any sort of consistent connection drops. Can you provide a little more background on the setup/occurrence?

    How consistent is your problem (e.g. after X injections, daily/weekly, etc.)?  Just one LC/LACE or multiple systems experiencing drops?  Just one system on the LAC/E or two (and is it only one experiencing the issue or both if two)?  IEEE or LAN connectivity?  What have you done to troubleshoot it so far?  Is there just the standard error in the message center about lost communication or is it something else?

    I suppose in my experience, connection drops have been when people have bumped cables on IEEE systems which is why I fasten them down nice and tight as well as bundle cables together (we have a walkway behind the systems so there is risk of the cables being bumped) or due to an issue with the system as a whole where everything just needs to be rebooted (LAC/E and system).


  • Antivirus scans of Empower folders, Windows updates that require reboots and loss of "leases" on DHCP connections can also cause problems if Empower clients, servers and LACEs are not setup with care to address these sorts of things.
  • Dust can indeed be the source for losing connection, but that will be permanent in the case your LAC/e has so much dust "collected that the van is not able to pump enough air to keep the CPU cool. If the CPU overheats then you lose the connection. Is it getting so hot that it fails then the disconnect is final :-).
    Overall that happens very rarely and would not be my starting point for root cause analysis
  • New one... inactivity timeouts in firewalls that are longer than your run time or a "pause sampleset" action
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