Limits- best set up in Limits tab or in report method

What is the best way to capture limits for a particular value? I have a spec on USP tailing between 0.9-1.1 and another on amount between 10-12mg. If I set these values in the Limits tab, am I tied to the precision values of 2? So if I enter for amount a target of 100 and Error % of 10, these values are automatically entered as 100.00 and 90.00/110.00. My values are integers for amount and 1 decimal place for USP tailing, how do I set the limits to these precision, the default seems to be 2?

Perhaps its better to just use Min and Max in column properties of the report method to specify my exact desired precision, any advice?

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    I would look at the limits tab within processing methods as an alert for the analyst. The report method is probably the best/easiest place to get everything to report to the correct number of places.
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