Copying data from one project to another- dont understand error message.

Im trying to copy over a sample set from one project into a testing project and I get a message saying "Copying Error, see Message Centre!" and I see a message "A version of this method already exists, please delete and try again". Now I presume its because I already have a sample set with the same instrument/processing/method set in my testing project and its clashing. 

But I would have thought you could copy over several sample sets which use the same instrument and processing methods? I have a few types of runs which were all ran on the same machine, surely I don't need a separate project for each run? I don't have delete rights either. Any ideas?

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    I've done exactly what you are trying to do for nearly the same reason.  I had an analyst generate some "dummy" data for this purpose (basically a series of standards and mock samples) and she inadvertently ran it in a different project on me.  I've given tutorials to staff about creating custom fields and wanted them to "play" in a different project so they wouldn't screw up my good fields or fill real projects with meaningless result sets as they test out the fields.

    I've re-tested this just now with a lower set of privileges...basically our chemist level with no delete and it works (they do have the "copy to projects" privilege) with no error.  You may need to contact Waters.
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    The probem is Empower sort of embeds instrument, processing, and sample set methods with each result set. If all this is done within the same project, Empower is able to version everything and all is good. However, when you try to copy one of these methods from another project where results have been produced in the first, then you generate your error above. And there is no way around it aside from deleting and moving on, as has been suggested.

    Creating yourself a sandbox within Empower for dev work is a challange. Technically you want your Dev environment and your production environment to be separate, but that's another database license, which means it's another full and paid installation of Empower. However, do note that Empower cost is built leargly upon named users and instrument licenses, which you probably won't need nearly as many of in your Dev environment.


  • First, why do you need to test something in a different project?

    If you do not have delete rights, your options will be limited. If this is truly a disposable test project, delete it, recreate it and then copy into it (though if you do not have delete privilege, you will have to have an admin delete the test project for you).
  • I need to use a test project because we are regulated and cant process sample sets multiple times to test out custom fields, that's why I set up a separate one. I'm surprised Empower doesn't allow you to copy more than one sample set connected to the same processing method/method set. 
  • Thanks very much MJS that clears it up a lot. I am on the list for the administrator course so that will increase my privilege levels somewhat. 
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