Project Audit Trail for a specific result?

How to print Project Audit Trail for a specific result?



  • It would be nice to use a report template for this.


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    Depending upon your version of Empower... pull the results into review and check out the Result Audit Viewer. I believe this tool was introduced in either FR2 or FR3 for Empower 3 only.

    You can template your own reports as well. Just include the information you are interested in and what summary type you want to use (injection, vial, or all).

  • Thanks Shaunwat!

    Unfortunately, we run FR1 of Empower 3.

    Can you provide an example how to create report? Or that only for FR2 or FR3 too?


  • Attached is an example from a Waters' electronic data integrity webinar. Just create a report with a table in it and add the fields you desire.
  • Thank you!

    Most helpful information!

    I just wonder about the field "Integration" is that a Custom Field or were do I find it?

    Also the "Sample History" seems to have more information than I can get.

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