Trying to group samples using composite report, can anyone help?

Hello, I am trying to set up a composite filter in my summary by all report method. I have a summary chart and peak table grouped together for my single active component and in the composite, its filtered by "Lactose_Weight" ( a sample custom field) ascending so for each different lactose weight it displays my chart for the component and the peak table for all the lactose weight samples. 
However, I often run up to 100 samples and they very in Lot number so I could run 10 samples of one lot at "Lactose _weight" of 100 followed by another 10 samples of the same batch at a "Lactose_weight" of 150 etc and all that is fine it displays all my data per lactose weight.

The problem is when my Lot number changes...say from Lot number A to Lot Number B- then whats happening is its displaying data for Lactose Weight 100 for ALL batch numbers in the same sample set and I don't want it to do that, I need it to only summarize this data for each different batch in the sample set, but when I change the composite filter to Lot_Number ascending its displaying individual peak and lot number tables for each vial which isn't what I'm looking for either. Is there a way to set up a filter to display results by both Lactose_Weight  and Lot number? 

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    Try to set the Date Acquired condition in the Order By table for the single objects of your Composite Group.


  • Have you tried to set following definition in the Order By table of the Composite Group Property:  1. order (asc) Lot Number and 2. order (asc) Lactose_Weight? If I understood your requirement correctly, this should work.
  • HI thanks for the reply. I will try that tomorrow when I have access to it. I didn't think a composite could filter by more than one condition. If I pick Lot Number ascending does that go by alphabetical order or date acquired order? I might add that as a condition too because I don't want it ordered by Lot R100 over Lot A100. Ideally I want it to first order by Lactose_Weight, then Lot_Number but also date acquired for these fields.
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