7890B signal output very low compared to I/O/PQ

We have a new 7890B with ALS. We're running ICS 3.0 on an enterprise Empower 3 installation. The problem is that the signal output in Empower appears to be somewhere between 1% and 10% of what it was during the I/O/PQ which was done on Chemstation. It is also low when we compare our peaks to Agilent's literature for a particular method. We have no reason to suspect the GC as it is new and delivered typical sensitivity when run on the service rep's laptop. We suspect a configuration issue with Empower. It is making it really tough to do residual solvents.
Can anyone steer us to a setting that needs correcting?

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    Hi, Dan.  Thank you for posting in the forum.  I have been advised that this issue has been escalated to our support team.  If needed, service requests can be submitted at http://www.waters.com/irequest 24/7.


  • Agilent technical support is throwing up their hands - they have nobody who knows enough about the ICF to help. It seems likely to me that it is a translation error either between the hardware and the ICF or between the ICF and the rest of Empower. Perhaps Empower is thinking millivolt-seconds when it should be thinking picovolt-seconds (or whatever unit would result in a 5 decimal place difference).
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