Shimadzu LC driver for Empower 2

Hello, i work on shimadzu HPLC system i drive a system white Labsolution software and i have an other waters system (e2695_2489) driver with empower 2 software, my question, can you drive a shimadzu system and waters in same empower 2 ? and can you give me a shimadzu LC driver for empower 2 ? Tanks


  • In general, Shimadzu LCs can be supported. Might depend on the modules you have. For getting the driver you need to contact Shimadzu. However, I would be careful running the Waters system and the Shimadzu system on the same LACE, because this combination might not have been tested from either parties.
  • In the not too distant past, I was strongly advised to leave any Shimadzu LACE as a Shimadzu-only LACE. I would anticipate problems if trying to add non-Shimadzu systems.
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