Can you set more than one limit on the same component?

I have an active peak, boss wants a chart which shows target, upper and lower values. No problem- just select them in the Limits tab. But she also wants to track any values that are 20% over/under target. My main chart will be a target of 100 with a plus/minus 10% error but for this 20% error, is it best to just create a separate control chart and give it a new title or can you select the component again and add this further 20% limit? I cant imagine that would all go in the graph together?

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    Yes, if the custom field has been setup to use as text, when selecting it under the filtering conditions you will get a drop down list of our enumerated translations. Pick the appropriate translation depending upon the table.


  • You would just have something like a dual sided custom field.


    Use an Enumerated custom field to use as text:

    EQ(RANGE(Parameter,90,110), EQ(RANGE(Parameter(80,89.999)|EQ(RANGE(Parameter, 10.001,120).

    Translations would be "within 10%" and "within 20%".

    I didn't think Empower was capable of charting data, so this approach would be a manual mining of data based upon the text result the custom field generates.

    You could always filter on a large scale using reports ... which is probably how you are generating a control chart now that I think about it.

    So, your chart filter report would use the custom field about to generate two separate chanrt. One when the custom field equals "within 10%" and the other when the custom field equals "within 20%".

    That should do it for you. 

  • Thanks shaunwat, that would work I'm sure. For that peak enum custom field, is there a way to further filter it in report method so I could average/min/max the samples that fell into the "Within 30%" answer in the translation table?
    I read something about string comparison using custom fields where something like SUM(EQ(Custom_Field,"Within 30%") would sum all the values that fell into this category?
    But that would probably just add up all the values, really I'm looking for just something like EQ(Custom_Field,"Within 30%") and filter all these values in a report table in order to do Max/Min etc? Can I filter a peak custom field this way?
  • Get the tables into your report. Filter data into your tables based upon translations in the ENUM field. 

    To get your min/max/average, just apply these functions to the appropriate column within your report. Empower has the summary functions that you are requesting built into reporting.
  • HI shaunwat, when you say to filter data into tables based upon translations in ENUM field, can this be done under the filtering conditions so something like Result_Value = Within 25%. That can by typed into the filter box?
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