Custom field for blank interference calculation

Currently using custom field Amount/Control Value*100 to calculate standard check and bracketing standard recovery.  Blank interference can be calculated this way if the control value and the standard amount are entered as the same number, thus canceling out the concentrations and giving you blank area/average standard area*100.

QA is looking for a new custom calc that uses labels to calculate blank interference.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    If I understand correctly, I would looks towards the use of two custom fields here...

    Blank_Area: BLK.%.%.AVE(Area)

    Standard_Area: STD.%.%.AVE(Area)

    Blank interference: (Blank_Area/STD_Area)*100

    In this instance, you would use BLK for your blanks and STD for your standards. Note that this will average all standards with the STD label and all blanks with the BLK label to calculate your interference.

    If you don't want the above, as opposed to using summarize custom fields as the function at the end of the sample set method, use cummarize custom fields incrementally... 

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