Acquity I-Class FTN: 1000 uL Extension Loop Compatibility

I'm currently developing a large-volume, direct aqueous injection method using our Acquity I-Class FTN. The manuals and specifications for the system say that the max injection volume is 1000 uL with the optional extension loop, but I can't seem the find one that large on the online parts locator. The largest they go up to is 250 uL.
There is, however, a 1000 uL extension loop for the H-Class (BIO) FTN (part #: 430002585). Will this be compatible with our I-Class FTN? The fittings all look to be the same size.
Thank you!

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  • Pflan
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    Hi rbrase,

    Just noticed your post now...this is the part you want:
    "430002585 Kit, Extension Loop, MP35N, 1,000 μL
    Extension loops for I-Class SM-FTN, increase the volume of the sample that can be drawn and held for injection."

    Hope that helps