What features does Empower offer for method validations?

I am due to validate a few analytical methods soon and up to now, we put all our data on spreadsheets, I have never used Validation features on Empower- is it a separate option or does it come out of the box? Typically , I am performing accuracy and precision of active at different concentrations (80% 100% and 120%) plus Linearity, Specificity and Robustness- can Empower provide custom fields/report methods which are suitable for these tests? I would rather not use Excel for everything..

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  • Thanks a lot for that. I never even heard of that add-on. 
  • I have done a few analytical method validations in the past and they always involved long complicated excel spreadsheets for accuracy and precision, Linearity, LOD LOQ etc which took a very long time to compile and check. I had a look at the above link and this package would save me so much time. Sadly I don't have the power to buy packages for Empower but ill be pushing for this one definitely. 
  • When you push for that and are eventually asked to provide a quotation, do not forget to include a quote for training! It's a 3.5 day class, if memory serves. 
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