Sample Weight value in "CConst" fields...

If I created a custom field which multiplies the sample weight of my active (eg 20mg) against the area, and I put the sample weight figure in CConst1, how many decimal places do I enter this value to? Do you have to match the precision of sampleweight to that of the custom field?

I need to have this correct from the off because it will be used in a lot of samples. My thinking is that you need to match the precision of whats going into CConst1 to the final custom field (3). But what if your balance returns a weight of 20.0087mg? Do I enter the full value or round it to 20.009mg to match precisions? Does it matter? Our balances have the options to 4 or 5 or 6 decimal places results. 

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    You ought to follow conventional significant figures practices and set your fields a few past that.


  • Set your field's precision to match what you expect to put in there.
  • So my custom field is a precision of 3- therefore any figures I put into CConst should also be 3? I presume that's good practice?
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