Empower 3 - fluorescence lambda-lambda acquisition problems

I'm running Empower 3 (FR4) and trying to use UPLC FLR detector to acquire fluorescence data in lambda-lambda mode.

I set up everything according to instructions in Empower 3 help file and it starts all fine. When it works it works all fine - acquisition stops in expected (calculated) time and data is available.

The problem is that in most cases it doesn't work - doesn't stop in expected time, just keeps running until I abort the injection (in which case it is displaying "Data Missing" message in preview).

It is also not consistent - sometimes first attempt doesn't work but starts working after several tries (but I won't know if it is working until I wait for timer to go to zero).

I tried multiple solutions - restarting module, both by turning it off and on again as well as by console reset, turning lamp off and on, rebooting LACE - didn't work. I asked Waters software support and followed their advice to make changes to the method - adding extra line in gradient table and using non-zero injection volume - didn't work.

I'm raising it here because I suspect it must be software problem, like if somehow FLR is not properly initiated?


  • Krzysztof_B . The issue may be in Empower, or the driver or the instrument. The Tech Support people should be able to help you troubleshoot this.
  • Software, driver, or instrument - that pretty much exhausts all the available options... :smile:

    I contacted Waters' tech support but so far all the things they suggested did not work.