Rename node?

Is it possible to rename  a node in Empower?  

Over the years, with different administrators, we have various nomenclature for systems and nodes in Empower.  

For example, some instruments are named UPLC12, while another is 13LC.  We know how to harmonize all of those names to UPLC12 and UPLC13.  

However, we have many different names for our Nodes (LAC/E32) and are unable to harmonize (eg, Lace01, 6Lace, and L15-b15131ssrew).  We would like all of the nodes to have the same nomenclature.  


  • I think (not 100% certain, so proceed at your own risk) you have to remove them, rename them, then log into Empower via each one to re-add it. Of course, all attached systems will also probably be lost, so I would be inclined to remove them prior to renaming their nodes as well. The only good news is that I'm pretty sure you will not have to reinstall Empower or the ICS. Of course, you will also need to consult with your local IT staff to make sure you will not get the nodes to be renamed banished from the LAN as a result of the changes (as a result of AD and/or port security issues).
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